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Shoreload and Propping provides temporary support solutions for the construction industry in the greater Auckland region and Upper North Island. As the name of our business suggests these solutions are founded on the deployment of both Shoreload and Acrow Propping systems which form the cornerstone of all temporary support solutions used within the construction sector.

Our services go beyond just the provision of specialist propping equipment. Shoreload and Propping work in partnership with our customers to offer technical support and advice in the critical stages of planning, preparation, design and evaluation of all your structural supporting needs. Our solution design capability enables us to provide our customers with efficient, effective and safe outcomes for their projects. Whether it’s a simple residential build or a large commercial construction project, we have the skills, expertise and experience to add value and peace of mind.

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Case Studies

Modern construction methods, particularly the use of multi-story precast concrete, in situ beams and flooring units are becoming more predominant within the NZ construction industry. As panel sizes and resulting loads escalate, integrating a range of support systems to achieve a safe and effective project becomes more important.  The advantages of this type of building method are significant in terms of the savings in construction time and sustainability.

Our case studies provide a variety of applications for the use of shoreloading and propping using both modern and traditional building methods. We stand by our commitment to provide efficient and effective outcomes for all our projects and offer our clients quality solutions that enable speed and safety of erection on-site.

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