Shoreload and Propping provide Shoreload Towers and Acrow Props as well as solution design and erection/dismantle services, with the objective of delivering sound and effective temporary support solutions to the commercial and residential construction industry.

Shoreload Towers

The ubiquitous shoreload tower is universally popular and remarkably versatile, due to the fact that it provides the simplest and quickest method of temporary support for large and small structures. The higher load capacities of our shoreload products drastically reduce the quantity of equipment required to hold a structure and consequently the time for assembly and dismantling.

Shoreload systems are fully modular, require no specialist tools, and can be customised to deliver an effective solution in most construction environments. Shoreload towers disperse load over a larger footprint or surface area than other solutions, which makes them effective for larger loads.

Tower frames come in dimensions from 0.6m to 1.8m high and by nature are fully compatible modular components. Whether you need to support a large lintel or panel, a beam, a flooring system, or a bespoke structure, shoreload towers will deliver you a stable, robust and safe support system. Shoreloading fits together in the same way as some scaffolding systems, but it critically different in being specifically manufactured and assembled to be structurally stronger and engineer rated to deliver an uncompromising solution.

To the uninitiated, shoreload towers look a lot like scaffolding systems, and occassionally clients mistakenly consider scaffolding hire as a means to deliver their temporary support solutions. Looks however are the only similarity between these very different systems.

Because Shoreload towers are purpose built for the job of supporting significant construction structures, they have been designed and constructed to exacting standards. Shoreload towers are rated and verified, meaning that you can rely on their ability to deliver the exact outcomes of safety, structural strength and unwavering stability.

Acrow Props

Whether deployed alone or within a wider support solution, Acrow Props are amazingly versatile and effective.

By design, their small footprint, combined with their inherent strength means that Acrow Props can be used in tight spaces or in areas where the working area cannot be compromised.

Acrow Props are often deployed as a more significant system when combined with bracing systems that increase their overall effectiveness when used for larger structures.

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