Tairua Marina

Case Study
About This Project

Watts and Hughes

Project Description:
The construction of a significant clubroom facility within the new Marina located in Tairua, Corormandel. The new build required over 100 shoreload towers and 50 acrow props to provide temporary support during the placement of shell beams, double T flooring units, insitu beams, and flatslabs.

Our Brief:
This project contained a significant amount of shell beam and double T flooring units within the main building, and insitu beams and flatslabs within the extensive deck overlooking the Tairua / Pauanui estuary.

Shoreload and Propping designed and deployed a solution integrating a range of support systems to achieve a safe and effective outcome for the project:

Shoreload Towers were deployed to carry and support the shell beams within the primary building structure, taking into account the considerable dynamic load associated with the beams and the secondary load created by the double T units. Additional towers were deployed at midspan of the flooring units to mitigate the potential for the primary beams to roll as the flooring units were put into position.

Shoreload Towers were also deployed to provide a strong and effective platform for the project team to construct the boxing / shutters for the insitu beams. In designing our solution, we provided towers with sufficient working areas to build the boxing, and importantly we deployed wooden LVL bearers to make the work structures effective for the task of creating the boxing.

Rows of braced acrow props were deployed at the midspan of the flatslab units, tied into the shoreload towers for additional stability and strength.