Upland Road

Case Study
About This Project

Project Description:
The construction of a high end residential dwelling in the heart of Remuera. The dwelling was a significant contemporary multi-storey residential home utilizing concrete structures throughout the build.

Our Brief:
This project contained a significant amount of precast and insitu beams and flooring units internally and externally.

The nature of this build programme required strong communication and coordination with both the main building contractor and with other trade suppliers such as Panel Prop Limited who were undertaking the support of all vertical structures.

Shoreload and Propping Limited delivered a solution that not only met the core needs of the project but also importantly did it in a way that allowed the project to run smoothly throughout.

Our solution incorporated both shoreloading and acrow props deployed in a staged programme governed by short lead times and a rapid response. Our focus on outstanding service meant that we were able to respond to the clients needs quickly and effectively. Our close relationship with Panel Prop Limited meant that we were able to communicate and anticipate project requirements ahead of time, therefore adding value to the client’s programme of work.