Chamber and Station

Case Study
About This Project

Project Description:
A fascinating project to redevelop 2 existing historic buildings into top end contemporary residential apartments.

Our Brief:
Not your usual project, this assignment required some fresh thinking and innovative design solutions to deliver an outcome that allowed the primary contractor and clients to retain the wonderful historic qualities of these buildings, whilst creating modern liveable dwellings to the new residents.

To retain the essence of the buildings, the design required the existing walls and structures to be retained but altered to allow for the new layout. Existing significant internal and external concrete walls within the building needed to be cut and modified. In many cases these walls were structural and load bearing, requiring a propping solution that did not compromise the stability and strength of the building envelope.

In this instance we delivered a needling solution that allowed us to penetrate the existing walls using slim soldier bearers positioned on shoreloading towers. The engineering design was developed, signed off and delivered to the client allowing for the exact positioning and creation of all required wall penetrations.

Our team were able to effectively deliver and erect the solution to the exacting nature of design. The subsequent deconstruction and reinstatement of the walls with new permanent structural systems went without a hitch.